Module #1 How to keep your social media professional

In this day and age, modern technology has resulted in dozens of new ways for people to communicate. The latest and most prominent in recent history have been social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. While these sites allow you to communicate much in the same way as email or other messenger systems they differ in that they allow you to share more of yourself online than ever before. This is a genuinely incredible achievement of the 21st century however this capability can also represent great risk of damaging your reputation and future job opportunities. Here are two basic rules that I’ve come up with to help keep your social media reputation as professional as possible.

1) Don’t post when you’re angry.

Have you ever heard of the write an angry letter and don’t send it technique? Social media might be a good time to start. Consider your posts as letters, once they’re online, they’re fair game. Yes, you can delete them but you might not be able to take back calling your boss an asshole after 500 of your friends/coworkers see it for 10 minutes in their newsfeed.

2) Don’t post photos of yourself drinking or doing any kind of illegal or questionable activity.

We’ve reached a point in modern life, that police, employers and government organizations have access to and consider social media a serious source of data about an individual. Take your Facebook as seriously as you take your own reputation because it could mean the difference between getting a job or getting a fine. Here is a women who lost her job because she posted photos of herself drinking while on vacation


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