Module #5 TweetDeck

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 8.25.15 PM  TweetDeck Image

TweetDeck is an app that allows you to filter and track real time streams of twitter posts, stories and photos. Its a great tool to have to keep really feel like you’re following the topics you care about the most and its also an amazing tool for marketers and business owners to track the information they need to care about. This kind of information however is vastly different than the kind of results you’d expect from more traditional search engines such as Google. Heres a a few key differences .

1) Real-Time : Unlike google which goes through a number of different calculations based on popularity relevancy and date to give you your search result, TweetDeck shows the real time search results as you watch. This means you get the last information as soon as someone posts it on twitter.

2) Search Filters: Since Google hasa much larger pool to sift through in order to bring you where you need to be, the results are usually more tailored and take a lot of information based on your location, search history and phrasing in order to get results. Tweetdeck only uses the words and shows the direct results as they are being posted.

3) Twitter Based Content : Tweetdeck is limited to information that is being shared and posted on twitter, which means that due to the low character count and general nature of twitter, the information is more likely to short and to the point. Also google search engines still have access to information from Twitter albeit not as succinctly.

4) Responsive/interactive. TweetDeck gives you the opportunity to contribute to the results/conversations you are shown by adding tweets and posts to the same feed that other users can see. Google is very a much passive service in that you have to be one to initiate searches and get specific results while tweet deck gives you the opportunity to feel a part of the results and witness the flow of information as it happens.

There you have it, just a few of the differences between the two. Give TweetDeck a try!




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